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Kibo's Green Deal

With innovation comes responsibility, that is why Kibo is fully committed in contributing to the UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Among our primary concerns which are to deliver smiles, create jobs, a prosperous future, and prepare a healthy environment for future generations, our goal is to help combat global warming and preserve wildlife while driving American innovation forward.

Drone delivery is exciting, luxurious, and innovative, however, wildlife may not always agree or be on our side.
The air, as we know, is a bird's playground and natural habitat. Conducting air deliveries means we are guests in avian airspace. Kibo fully respects wildlife, hence the reason our drones are fully equipped with sensors all around that detect the motion of birds and avoids them using smart technology. Even more, our drones are manufactured to reduce noise levels and prevent scaring wildlife.

Kibo's Promise

In order to protect our wildlife, Kibo promises not to:


  • Intentionally or willingly hurt or harm avian wildlife.


  • Intentionally or willingly interfere with avian nature such as mating, gathering, hunting, surviving, or flying.


  • Intentionally or willingly disturb avian homes such as nests, bird houses, etc.


  • Intentionally or willingly attempt to intimidate, play, chase, or interact with avian wildlife using drone.

Healthier Air for All

In contributing to the reduction of C02 emissions, Kibo is extremely invested in providing effective, eco-friendly, innovative last mile deliveries. By finding the balance between the amount of ground transportation required to deliver packages and those which could
be delegated towards air delivery, we aim to contribute in reducing C02 emissions.


Even more, any packaging we use is strictly required to meet eco-friendly guidelines and quality. Furthermore, Kibo only partners with vendors, businesses, and parties who share the same values.

Read more about Kibo's Privacy and Safety Promise to you and your community.

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